Poplar Springs sixth grader facing possible felony charge for school threat


HOLMES COUNTY – A sixth-grade student at Poplar Springs School is possibly facing felony charges of written threats to kill following an investigation prompted by a text to the Suicide Hotline.

The student, an 11-year-old female, sent the text Sunday, Nov. 28, stating she was having both suicidal and homicidal thoughts and had plans to cause harm to another Poplar Springs student.

Officials with the hotline notified the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office, which in turn launched an investigation and notified officials with the Holmes County School District. Deputies met with the child and her parents, at which time the child admitted to sending the text, as well as wanting to harm herself and another child at Poplar Springs School. 

The child was committed under the Baker Act and transported to a mental health facility in Bay County for further treatment. The case was presented to the State Attorney’s Office, and the child possibly faces charges of written threats to kill.

Holmes County schools, including extracurricular activities, resumed under normal operations on Monday, but were on heightened security “out of an abundance of caution,” according to the Holmes County School Superintendent Buddy Brown.

“We take any threat to our schools seriously and will investigate and respond to ensure the safety of our students,” said Sheriff John Tate.


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  • MissRose

    I understand the seriousness of these charges but I also understand that if someone reached out to the suicide hotline that this person was reaching for help and how can this person be charged with a felony when they were reaching out to a suicide prevention hotline somehow that doesn’t seem like a valid reason for felony charges when you’re reaching out for help for mental issues and thoughts that you have it’s one thing if she went to school and act it out on those thoughts but she got help before she done anything she reached out to someone to help her before she did anything that’s a difference. That’s a pretty sad issue there to charge her with anything when you reach out to an entity that is there to provide you with help for mental issues when you are in a crisis that is what a suicide prevention hotline is for people that have mental issues to reach out to for help and be there for them and for the people to turn around and charge them with a felony for having mental thoughts whether it’s the proper to have feeling to harm themselves or other people that’s part of being a mentally ill person get this Young girl some help she doesn’t need to be charged with a felony she needs mental counseling mental help come on now you’re gonna let the sixth grader down and charge her with a felony instead of getting her mental counseling which is what she reached out to the suicide hotline for shame on you shame on you for letting her down that’s what’s wrong with the society today! Yes it needed to be investigated but she reached out to that who is suicide hotline for help before she did something bad she reached out to them for help before she did something before she hurt someone or herself she reached out to them before she did anything she reached out to them before get her some help

    Monday, November 29, 2021 Report this